New Get Better Clothing collection online to order now!

The new collection is herethe brand new garments are online and available to order now.

Garments range from a ‘
Cowboys vs. Indians’ tee, which depicts a mountain top battle between the two groups, to a ‘Tattooed Bear’ sweatshirt, which features a bear showing off his new ink. 

I've been super busy hand printing our t shirts, sweaters and tote bags on our new supplier Continental Clothing. They offer the best fitting, softest, organic garments you can buy. And although expensive for us, this ensures our clothing is the best quality it can be.
We will also have a stall where you'll be able to buy Get Better at Art's cool in Margate on the 10th August, and at Future Foundry in Canterbury on the 15th.

Thank you everyone for the support, and for being a part of Get Better Clothing.