My 5 biggest influences

These illustrators and brands have had some of the biggest influences on my work out of anybody. I could list many more but I'll keep a small list of the top 5.

Along with friends and people I've worked with these guys have inspired everything from my illustrated patterns and prints to the way Get Better is run as a company.

Mr. Bingo is one of my earliest influences in style and humour. I discovered his work in a QI book when I was in my first year of university and interviewed him for a project.
Since meeting up for drinks and a chat I've bought his postcard set, a hilarious angry print about working for free and his most recent book Hate Mail which is a favourite of mine.

Jack Hudson fascinates me with his distinct 60s film poster style and colour palettes. His sense of adventure finds its way into my ideas and work.

Nobrow publish stylish illustrated zines and artist books. Bicycle by Ugo Gattoni is one of the most intricate black and white concertina books I've seen; The level of detail in the huge fold out drawing is incredible. The same goes for McBess' Big Mother - A huge black and white A3 book full of fun characters and big scenes.

Robert Hunter's illustrated story books give a great sense of adventure and wonder, the pacing of his books work very well and his style with hand drawn textures and colours have been a huge influence on me.

Rifle Paper Co. (Anna Bond)
I first discovered Rifle Paper co at a trade show in London. I was handed a beautiful catalogue with gold foil lettering on the cover which displayed their products for shop purchasing.
Illustrator Anna Bond's fantastic floral paintings function as wallpapers, stationery and brilliant map prints. She uses colour perfectly throughout without fail.

These guys are masters of illustrated print tees. The people they commission fit in brilliantly and they produce some great drawings for print. They've been a big influence on how I make the illustrations and run Get Better.