The Mammals print

I'm excited to finally be able to show the Mammals print I've been working so much on! 

I've wanted to make some more nature based work and kept thinking of the educational natural science posters I would see in school and at museums, so I made my own contemporary version.

This is available in the shop now, and don't forget the code 'loyalty10' for 10% off.

Some of you may have seen the animal cards I've been adding to the shop as well- these all come together to make the Natural History style print. Some are available now and more will be coming soon. Alex.

The map of Rome

Fortunately I've had the chance to work on another city guide map - this time it's Rome.

Originally this map was commissioned for the lovely travel blog Dusty Rainbow. Huge thanks Chelsea!

I have some great memories of visiting Rome. The first time was me and my friends when we were just about 16. Going without family or 'adults' we definitely had a good time let loose in the brilliant city.

The second time was a bit more of a cultured and grown up visit in my second year at university.
We did loads of walking, drawing and exploring the historical sites, and ate, drank and enjoyed gelato. 

So after my experiences with Rome I was really happy to have been asked by Chelsea to produce a map of the city, and add it to my growing city map collection alongside London, Paris and New York.

Walk the UK & Ireland

A New map has arrived!

Originally commissioned by Place in Print (A huge thanks to Ed and Nancy), the UK and Ireland walking map is now available in my shop and with selected stockists.


The print features 11 different routes across the UK , and one in Ireland. There are some incredible walks on this map and many I'd love to try myself - although the longer ones would definitely need preparation and training.
Some of the smaller walks may take a few hours, while others are long hikes across miles of British countryside for more experienced hikers.

If you're a keen adventurer or have been on any of these walks, the routes are made with dashed lines with a dot at each end for you to colour in or draw your way along if you decide to.

Each map is also hand signed and editioned with pencil with a limited number of 500 available, going on sale Wednesday the 28th March.